1. Introduce yourself to the coach and other team parents.
  2. Assist the coach, as required, on match days.
  3. Maintain and update, if necessary, the team contact list, initially provided by the FC, and distribute via email to team parents.
  4. Provide feedback to FC committee or attend FC meetings (1 or 2 per term) if possible.
  5. Encourage positive support during games and throughout the season, in line with the ISA Code of Conduct.
  6. Assist the FC to identify volunteer parents to staff the BBQ at Oxford Falls on assigned home rounds (usually 2 or 3).
  7. Develop a communication tree for fast information flow, in the event of last-minute changes due to wet weather, as advised by the coach.
  8. Encourage the writing of short game summaries and provision of photos which may be published in Woodchatta.
  9. Consider organisation of team social events.
  10. Be aware that First Aid is provided by the school via coaches.

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