2017 SPX Football News


SPX 2017 Season In Review

The Football Committee is pleased to present this years season in pictures and words.  

We wish to thank Danny John for preparing this fantastic publication.

Click on the picture to download and display (requires Adobe reader)

 2017 SPX Football Annual Review


1st XI Fanzine 2017

The 1st XI fanzines prepared by Danny John - click on pictures below to download

Issue 1 2017

Issue 2 2017

Issue 3 2017

Issue 4 2017

STG Issue 1  STG Issue 2   STG Issue 3  STG Issue 4

Issue 5 2017

Issue 6 2017  Issue 7 2017  Issue 8 2017
 STG Issue 5  STG Issue 6 STG Issue 7   STG Issue 8

Issue 9 2017

Issue 10 2017 Issue 11 2017 Issue 12 2017 
STG Issue 9 2017  STG Issue10 1st XI v Old Boys   STG Issue 11 STG Issue 12 
Issue 13 2017 Issue14 2017 Issue 15 2017 Issue 16 2017
 STG Issue 13 STG Issue 14 STG Issue 15 STG Issue 16


Steve Quilty 1st XI Coach Celebrates 20 years at SPX

Steve Quilty celebates 20 years at the College




Football Event Calendar

Below is the Football Committee Calendat fro 2017

SPX FOOTBALL 2017 Calendar
Term 1
Monday 01-Feb Committee meeting
Sunday 15-Feb Grading Day (Yrs 7-10) & BBQ
Sunday 22-Feb Grading Day (Yrs 7-10) & BBQ
Monday  03-Mar FC AGM - Sarto Centre
Monday 23-Mar Team training starts
Saturday 01-Apr Trial vs St Aloysius
Monday  30-Mar Committee meeting
Monday TBA CIS Cup (1st 11)
Friday 05-Apr P&F Cocktail Party
Mon-Wed 9-11 Apr EREA Cup Qld Tour
Saturday TBA St Andrews Cup Tournament (1st 11)
Term 2
Saturday 29-Apr ISA R1
Monday 01-May Committee meeting
Wednesday 04-May ISA Rep Trials SPX
Saturday 06-May ISA R2
Saturday 13-May ISA R3 
Monday 08-May P&F Meeting
Saturday 20-May ISA R4 
Saturday 27-May ISA R5
Saturday 03-Jun ISA R6
Monday 05-Jun Committee meeting
Saturday 17-Jun ISA R7 
Friday  12-14 Jul Football Skills Camp 
Term 3
Saturday 22-Jul ISA R8 
Tuesday 25-Jul Committee meeting
Saturday 29-Jul ISA R9
Saturday 05-Aug ISA R10
Monday 07-Aug Committee meeting
Saturday 12-Aug ISA Semi Finals
Saturday TBA P&F Trivia Night
Saturday 19-Aug ISA Grand Finals
Sunday TBA Opens Football Dinner
Tuesday 29-Aug Football Presentation Night
Monday 04-Sep Committee meeting
Term 4
Monday 16-Oct Committee meeting
    Committee Meetings
    Social Activities
    Trial Games & Grading
    Development Days & Holiday Camps
    ISA Games
  Please check the Woodchatta each Wednesday afternoon for any changes to
  venues or start times which may arise during the course of the season.

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