The Performing Arts Parents Association has had a long history at St Pius X College, almost as long as the Music program itself!

The first St Pius X College Band originally started from a cadet band, where bugles were provided by the cadet corps or army. However, the College wanted to grow a band and program with more than just brass instruments. Consequently, the parents were asked to set up a Music Parents Association. The function of the association was to raise money so that instruments could be purchased and then hired out to students.

Whilst the name may have changed (in 2013 the Music Parents Association gave way to the Performing Arts Parents Association, PAPA for short, when Drama was introduced to the College), the purpose has not. The PAPA provides support to music and drama by assisting with the organisation of numerous performance opportunities, including Twilight Concerts, Musicals, Drama Productions and the like.

The PAPA also continues to raise funds for the purchase of musical instruments, light and sound infrastructure for both drama and music productions, as well as tours and excursions as they occur. Each year the PAPA also recognises the efforts of departing Year 12 students from the College by presenting them with a gift and certificate in honour of their achievements.

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