P&F Committee 2017


Ensuring that overall direction of P&F is consistent with School principles

President Braelen Zwart 0422 332 987
Vice President Rodger Paino 0411 255 995
Treasurer Mariano Rossetto 0418 613 901
Treasurer 2019 Thomas Lau  
Secretary Sarah Gillard 0432 240 073

Assistant Secretary

Nadine Robson

0412 272 056


 Coordinator Group

 Coordinating and driving events and initiatives to and on behalf of the College's parents

 Coordinator Trivia Night, Cocktail Party & Teacher's Breakfast TBA  
Coordinator Trivia Night Clare Hamilton-Bate  
Coordinator Open Day Rosalia Foley  
Coordinator Mother's Day Liturgy Janette O'Brien & Jane Moran  
Coordinator Father's Day Breakfast Jenny Dellapica  

Communications Group   

Coordinating communications to parents via all media (website, Woodchatta, Junior School News)

Website (Admin) Viv Rayner 0405 090 085 
Website (TryBooking / Comms) Rodger Paino 0411 255 995 
Woodchatta (Comms) Nadine Robson 0412 272 056 

The College Principal, Mr John Couani, is an ex-officio member of the P&F Executive and can be contacted at the College on 9411 4733.


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