1. To provide liaison between Parents and friends and the College Executive.
  2. To assist the College with it's undertakings including financially.
  3. To provide Parents & Friends with opportunities for social contact.
  4. To establish a cohesive and active parent network so that all Parents feel that they are welcome, have support and assistance and are a part of the College Community.


There is a General Meeting held each Term, and an Annual General Meeting in November.

Meetings are held at the College, normally in the Sarto Centre located on the corner of Daisy & Anderson Sts Chatswood.   Meetings start at 7.30 pm and are normally finished by 9.30 pm

Class Representatives & Year Representatives Roles

Each year, the P+F Executive welcomes and supports the help provided by the Class Representatives and Year

The Class Reps (Junior School) and Year Reps (Senior School) contribute to the successful running of the P+F by regularly
communicating information about P+F Activities to their group of parents and by organising social activities specifically
for their Class Group or Year Group.


  •  Organise and run social activities for your parent group throughout the year
  •  Prepare emails or flyers to advertise upcoming events
  •  Ensure parents are kept informed about Class or Year Group activities via email and the Woodchatta
  •  Actively promote all P+F Activities via emails to your Class Group or Year Group
  •  Arrange for your parents to assist at designated P+F functions (eg Yrs 7 & 8 assist at the cocktail party)

Required Skills:

  •  Be comfortable contacting parents you don’t know to encourage them to participate in activities
  •  Organising group functions (eg a dinner, BBQ, morning tea, etc)
  •  Assist the P+F Executive

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