1. To provide liaison between Parents and friends and the College Executive.
  2. To assist the College with it's undertakings including financially.
  3. To provide Parents & Friends with opportunities for social contact.
  4. To establish a cohesive and active parent network so that all Parents feel that they are welcome, have support and assistance and are a part of the College Community.


There is a General Meeting held each Term, and an Annual General Meeting in November.

Meetings are held at the College, normally in the Sarto Centre located on the corner of Daisy & Anderson Sts Chatswood.   Meetings start at 7.30 pm and are normally finished by 9.30 pm

Secretary – Job Description

The Secretary is central to the efficient operation of any organisation and as such they contribute to the
overall successful running of the Parents and Friends Association (P&F).

The P&F committee is a friendly, dedicated team of volunteers who welcomes new members. As a
volunteer the Secretary will ensure that their personal conduct and representation at meetings and
various community events is in accordance with the highest standards.

The role of the Secretary is to:

  •  Liaise with the President and assist in the running of the meeting.
  •  Supply the President with information pertaining to the effective functioning of the meeting eg.
  •  Correspondence received, minutes recorded.
  •  be alert to guide and advise the president;
  •  be prepared in advance of a meeting by:
  •  Notify date/time/venue of meetings;
  •  Prepare and publish an Agenda in cooperation with the President and Principal;
  •  Obtain reports from sub-committees;
  •  Sort correspondence;
  •  Note apologies;
  •  Check minutes of previous meeting;
  •  Give the impression of orderliness – files and necessary papers should be readily available;

The Secretary is:

  •  The point of contact between meetings
  •  Conversant with all issues
  •  The link with the school office staff
  •  Enthusiastic and invaluable\able to work with (and at time around) the President.

It is the Secretary’s responsibility to:

  •  Prepare the Agenda in consultation with the President.
  •  Note the attendance and apologies at meetings
  •  Make available all Inward and Outgoing correspondence to the meeting
  •  Clear mail regularly and write any letters necessary to carry out P&F decisions promptly.
  •  Note any points of Agenda for the next meeting
  •  Prepare and circulate draft of minutes to President and Principal shortly after the meeting then

ensures Draft Minutes are available on the P+F website. (Note: Minutes of a meeting provide a
formal record of what decisions were made; what topics were discussed; what actions were agreed
to and time frame within which they are to be completed.

  •  They should be prepared in an accurate, concise and timely manner, expressing only the facts, not
  • the writer’s opinion.)
  •  Provide a summary of Minutes for the school newsletter.
  •  File and organise all paperwork in an orderly manner

Minutes should include:

  •  Starting and finishing times
  •  List of those present, apologies and date of next meeting
  •  Record of all decisions and motions, expressed clearly and concisely
  •  In the case of motions: the names of the mover and seconder

Knowledge and Skills Required

  •  After meetings, Minutes should be written up promptly and actions taken on any decisions
  •  Write letters in accordance with the instructions of the meeting or the President;
  •  Prepare minutes for school newsletter;
  •  Confirm attendance of Executive and other appropriate people;
  •  Keep all records and files for the Association;
  •  Clear the mail regularly and keep the President informed on all issues;
  •  Ensure a close communication and cooperation between the parent Association, office staff, school
  • staff and parents;
  •  Maintain a collaborative approach at all times

The Secretary is someone who:

  •  Has excellent verbal and written communication skills and has good interpersonal skills.
  •  Knowledge of computers, the internet, Word, Excel, Power Point.
  •  Able to maintain confidentiality at all times.
  •  Is well informed of all organisational activities.
  •  Attentive to details and time restraints.
  •  Is able to attend monthly committee members regularly.
  •  Is a member of the P & F, has a good working knowledge of the constitution, rules and the duties of
  • all office holders and subcommittees and agrees to abide by its policies.
  •  Good organisational skills and is positive and enthusiastic.
  •  Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  •  Dedication, motivation, drive, ambition, and commitment to the task at hand


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