1. To provide liaison between Parents and friends and the College Executive.
  2. To assist the College with it's undertakings including financially.
  3. To provide Parents & Friends with opportunities for social contact.
  4. To establish a cohesive and active parent network so that all Parents feel that they are welcome, have support and assistance and are a part of the College Community.


There is a General Meeting held each Term, and an Annual General Meeting in November.

Meetings are held at the College, normally in the Sarto Centre located on the corner of Daisy & Anderson Sts Chatswood.   Meetings start at 7.30 pm and are normally finished by 9.30 pm

President – Job Description

The President is responsible for the overall running of the Parents and Friends Association (P&F) in
consultation with the whole Executive Committee and the Principal in line with the Constitution with
which they should be conversant.

As a volunteer the President will ensure that their personal conduct and representation at meetings and
various community events is of the highest standards.

The role of the President is to ensure:

  •  Meetings are properly convened in accordance with the Constitution.
  •  This includes giving proper notice of the meeting, that a quorum is present, and that they are
  • properly appointed to the Chair.
  •  That all rules and regulations pertaining to the P&F’s Constitution are observed by both the
  • Executive and the Sub‐Committees.
  •  That an Agenda is prepared and circulated, this can be prepared with the help of the Secretary.
  •  That the meeting begins and ends punctually pointing out major changes to the Agenda.
  •  That all motions and amendments are put in clearly understood terms and related to the business of
  • the meeting.
  •  That control of the meeting is maintained.
  •  That an issue is thoroughly discussed and that those wishing to speak are allowed to do so,
  • uninterrupted and that private discussion among members does not take place.
  •  That they act impartially and in the best interests of the P&F. (Note: The President must not take
  • any side in a discussion. They must ensure that all points on both sides are raised and thoroughly
  • debated.
  •  If the issue being discussed is one that the President feels very strongly about they should step
  • down from the chair for that particular discussion which enables them to speak from the floor.
  •  The Vice President can take the chair. In the case of a tied vote the President is advised to vote to
  • maintain the status quo. )
  •  Decisions made at the meeting are acted upon promptly.
  •  The meeting is closed only after all other business is concluded.
  •  Establishing good relationships – respect rights & responsibilities
  •  Vision of where heading and how it will succeed
  •  Developing a collaborative relationship with the school principal;
  •  Planning meetings in consultation with the Secretary & Principal;
  •  Following up on action from the previous meeting.
  •  Impartiality, Firmness, Tact, Commonsense, Confidence, Respect,
  •  Inclusiveness

It is the President’s responsibility to:

  •  Ensure that the meeting is opened with a prayer/reflection.
  •  Perform customary courtesies – including thanking executives and other helpers, and welcoming
  • new members.
  •  Verify the accuracy of the minutes to be presented and sign minutes when they have been
  • confirmed.
  •  Ensure correct functioning of all office bearers and sub‐committees.
  •  Where appropriate, sound out suitable people who may be available for executive positions or to
  • act in other capacities.
  •  Not become involved in activities which could undermine the President’s reputation for impartiality.
  •  Convene meetings
  •  Ensure meetings run according to constitution
  •  Give all an opportunity to speak
  •  Liaise with Principal
  •  Ensure activities are sanctioned by principal
  •  Ensure financial accountability
  •  Provide opportunity for parent education
  •  Maintain relationships with Principal & Staff & other members
  •  Ensure all community members are informed

Knowledge and Skills Required
Ideally a President is someone who:

  •  Has a good working knowledge of the constitution, rules and the duties of all office holders and
  • subcommittees and agrees to abide by its policies.
  •  Has excellent verbal and written communication skills and has good interpersonal skills.
  •  Is aware of the future directions and plans of the P&F.
  •  Able to maintain confidentiality at all times.
  •  Is able to attend monthly committee members regularly.
  •  Is a positive and enthusiastic ambassador for the College.
  •  Able to delegate roles and tasks.
  •  Ability to work as a leader and as part of a team.
  •  Knowledge of computers and the internet, and will preferably have access to these at home.
  •  Understanding of budget control, expenses, and allocations.
  •  Attentive to details and time restraints.
  •  Dedication, motivation, drive, ambition, and commitment to the task at hand.

Be Aware

  •  Tune in to parents’ comments
  •  Respond to comments / correspondence
  •  Meet parents on arrival
  •  Note unusual attendance
  •  Of attempts to dominate
  •  One on one issues
  •  Personal issues
  •  Of any “Get the Principal” attitude



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