P+F Contributions to families whose sons represent the school externally at a high level


The P+F makes a small number of payments to families each year, in situations where their son is representing the

school at a high level

in some endeavour and where the family has incurred costs in order for that participation to occur, that are substantial for them.


The representation may be in any area recognised by the College, including: academic, extra-curricular or sporting.


Whether or not financial support is provided from P+F funds, is a matter solely for determination by the P+F Executive.

The amount of funding to be provided is a matter solely for determination by the P+F Executive. 


The general rule that the P+F Executive applies to determine the quantum of funding is that the P+F will contribute up to 25% of the total costs incurred by the family subject to a maximum P+F contribution of $250 per student.


The P+F will usually provide a cheque to the family directly, once it receives copies of any documentary evidence that it may require.

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